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When am I going to get cable? Just cannot answer the question at his time. Maybe once I clear out enough junk in my apartment so I can find the connection, then maybe I'll get it put in. In the meantime I get it off the air (I have three channels that I can view consistantly), see it at a friend's house or rent videos.

Star Trek and incarnations
Enemy at the Gates

Star Trek and incarnations

Not quite a Star Trek nut as I don't know all the names of the planets and which actor played in what episode, but I have enjoyed the show from its original inception. Considered too "adult" by my parents, I had to beg, plead and bribe them in order to get them to let me sit on on the episode. It was very disappointed to have the series canned in favor of Laugh In. That tragic announcement even got press in my Sunday school class by the teacher who apparently enjoyed the adventures of Spock , Kirk McCoy and others as well.

Star Trek fired my imagination and with modeling clay I duplicated the interior of the bridge and crew, various parts of the ship enemy aliens and created some combat strategy games.When the first movie came out in the 80's, I stood in line for two hours awaiting its opening. Never again. The movie was lackluster at best and was more a stroll through memory lane than the exciting, imagination capturing series I knew as a kid. Only the Klingons, for what little I saw of them, seemed interesting.

The Wrath of Khan got the Star Trek on track again and seemed a completely different movie than what occurred earlier. Its success seemed assured and movies of various quality seemed to reinforce that impression.

The TV series the Next Generation showed that Star Trek could exist even in a more, distant future time and did not need Shatner, Nimoy and the others to make it "Trek." The same ingredients where there-- a ship in space and an interesting and varied bridge crew. It went on for seven or eight years and probably could have lasted longer, like "Gunsmoke" if the producers wanted it to. But they were adhering to a formula that a TV show has only fixed period of life in it afterwards it must be taken off lest it somehow fail in the ratings and die a horrible death.

Further incarnations such as Deep Space Nine and Voyager picked up the slack, however, and though the individual shows with their actors may disappear into history, Trek goes on.
Enterprise again showed that Trek need not belong to a fixed time era, and in this case was placed before all the other Treks. This however, has its shortcomings. For one, the TV technology and craftsmanship of the sets far surpass those of the sixties so I get the impression, that in many ways the first Enterprise (Captain Archer's Enterprise) is far more advanced than Kirk's Enterprise, a ship that appeared much later in the Trek universe. For example, the shuttlecraft seems to have a more streamlined appearance and shares more similarities with a Next Generation shuttlecraft than the ungainly, boxy appearing vehicle used by Kirk's ship. The uniforms also seem a little bit more developed than the turtlenecks and polyester of the 60's show. The crew cabins appear more fitted and homey that Kirk's austere quarters. I would have a hard time believing Archer's Enterprise and accouterments evolved into Kirk's era, but no trouble at all making that leap of imagination into the Next Generation Trek.

There is also appearing aliens and situations never mentioned or that are inconsistent with what went on in the supposedly later Treks. For example, I was always under the impression that the brutal, conquesting Klingons were at least several weeks if not months away from earth. But in the first Enterprise show it turns out the Klingon homeworld is LESS than a week away at warp 4! This puts the potentially hostile Klingons much closer to earth than was ever previously imagined, at warp eight Kirk's time, or twelve, Picard's time the two major homeworlds of conflicting galactic powers would only be hours, if not minutes away.

Enterprise is a show where I have to "forget" about what went on in the other series or movies because the continuity factor is very inconsistent with what was known or assumed about the Star Trek universe. When I forget those things, and enjoy the show for what it is, I find it well worth an hour of entertainment.

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