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Conspiracy against St. Issa
Conspiracy against St. Issa
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"7 That the Vaisyas were only authorized to hear the reading of the Vedas, and this on festival days only;
8 That the Sudras were forbidden not only to assist at the reading of the Vedas, but also from contemplating them, for their condition was to serve in perpetuity as slaves to the Brahmans, the Kshatriyas, and even the Vaisyas.

23 (St Issa speaking)"Those who deprive their brethren of divine happiness shall be deprived of it themselves. The Brahmans and the Kshatriyas shall become the Sudras, and with the Sudras the Eternal shall dwell everlastingly.
24 "Because in the day of the last judgment the Sudras and the Vaisyas will be forgiven much because of their ignorance, while God, on the contrary, will punish with his wrath those who
have arrogated to themselves his rights."
25 The Vaisyas and the Sudras were filled with great admiration and asked Issa how they should pray so as not to lose their eternal felicity.
26 "Worship not the idols, for they hear you not. Never put yourself in the first place
and never humiliate your neighbor.
1 The white priests and the warriors, becoming acquainted with the discourses of Issa addressed to the Sudras, resolved upon his death...."

Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

Jesus spent his early time in India with the priestly and warrier classes. Because of India's restrictive caste system, which enforced a strict seperation between interpersonal relationships and forbid scripture being taught freely to the lower castes. Jesus, St Issa, ignored thes admonishes from the priestly and warrior classes. As a result they plottedharshly against him.

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