Painting and Sketches/Image- St Issa (Jesus) preaching in Persia (sketch)

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Conspiracy against St. Issa
St Issa (Jesus) the Firebrand (sketch)
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A Lost Years image

"1 The words of Issa spread among the pagans in the midst of the countries he traversed,
and the inhabitants forsook their idols...
12 Seeing the powerlessness of their priests, the pagans had still greater faith in the sayings of Issa and, fearing the anger of the Divinity, broke their idols to pieces.
Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

St Issa traveled rapidly back through India on his way back to Israel. While passing into western adjacent countries he preached to the various peoples and tribes there. Wherever he went he caused a stir, his words a revival of faith and ultimately inciting the destruction of their stone, wood, and metallic idol statues.

This is one conceptual sketch for a later painting designed at capturing part of this trip. The idea is drawn to explore composition of the main elements-Jesus/Issa preaching, angry mob destroying idols, and the upset priests. Further sketches and research is needed to make the final color sketch for the future painting.

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