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Conspiracy against St. Issa

Color sketch--Nicolas Notovitch in
" Accident Near Himis"
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Notovitch and members of his traveling party regroup after an incident where he fractured his leg.
In the background the monastery of Himis looms

Nicolas Notovitch learned while traveling in Mulbekh a region near Tibet, that inside a monastery in Tibet , there existed manuscripts which described stories of "Jesus visiting India, Persia and elsewhere. " Visiting the various convents nearby, he hoped to find a copy in one of them. None had the manuscripts Notovitch sought.

Finally, Notovitch had to travel to this location in distant Himis near the capital city of Lasha, Tibet. There he was told they indeed had a scrolls about the "life and acts of the Buddah Issa who preached the holy doctrine in India and among the children of Israel." When Notovitch asked to see and have them recited, the chief lama there indicated he knew not where they were at the time but told Notovitch, "perhaps on his next visit..." Disappointed, Nicolas agreed. It would be a long time if ever, he would be able to return to the remote mountain enclave. However if he appeared to too eager and pressed his point for seeing the Jesus documents immediately, the cagey lama might deny him all access… ever.

Notovitch reluctantly left the monastery to go to Kashmir, but thought about how he might get back to Himis, sending gifts to the lama with a messages stating his desire for a return visit.
However, on his outbound trip, Notovitch fell from his horse and broke his leg. He was still far away from civilization in the desolate ice and stone wilderness. A half a day behind him lay-- Himis.

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