Painting and Sketches/Nicolas Notovitch in "Translation"

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Conspiracy against St. Issa

Color sketch 1--Nicolas Notovitch in
" Translation"
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Notovitch writes in his journal as his translator interprets the ancient language read from the Issa scrolls by the lama.
A Lost Years image

Since Himis was the nearest location to get help for his injury, and more importantly, a good reason to revisit Himis,
Notovich’s entourage brought him there.
Thus on this, his "second visit" with some encouragement, the chief lama relented and gave Notovitch full access to the documents. Tasking the local postmaster (who himself was a convert to Christianity) as a translator, the monks read the documents, while Notovitch transcribed them into his journal. According to Notovitch, the passages related to Issa were scattered
throughout the texts and he condensed and organized them into his work.

When his leg sufficiently healed, he left the monastery and traveled back to Europe where he published the
resulting book "The Unknown Years of Jesus Christ."

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