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Rediscovering Jesus' Missing Years

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Christian missionaies,
random travelers

While traveling east and elsewhere in the early days of the Christianity, anecdotal stories suggesting Jesus visited India, Persia and other regions were discovered. These were relayed back to Rome. The letters and documents are still said to exist in Papal archives.
Shaikh Al-Said
Muslim historian
Wrote down some of the Hindu/Buddhist legends of Issa's travels in India. He indicates the great sage Yuz Asaph (Yuz Asaf) and Jesus were one and the same.
1894 Nicolas Notovitch
Russian journalist
Publishes the Unknown Years of Jesus. He also reports a Catholic Church official told him the Vatican also has documents acquired over the centuries from various missionaries and others relating to Jesus' eastern sojourn.
1907 Levi H. Dowling
Publishes the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. He alleges it was the result of "transcribing" (he wrote with no control over its contents). The book contains many detailed but uncorroborated stories about Jesus' visit to India, Persia and Tibet.

Swami Abhedananda
Scholar, mystic

Visits Tibet, rediscovers the documents, reconfirms Notovich’s discovery and retranslates them into a publication entitled "Journey into Kashmir and Tibet." The English version is released in 1987. This event is significant since Abhedananda is well known, considered a man of integrity with no ulterior motives.
1924-1925 Nicholas Roerich
In unsupportable claim is said to have reacquired the Issa verses during his travels through Asia and published them in his book, Himalaya.
1932 Jawahar Nehru
Indian Nationalist and future 1st Prime Minister of India
Writes to his daughter Indira (later Indira Ghandi): "All over Central Asia, in Kashmir and Ladakh and Tibet and even farther north, there is still a strong belief that Jesus or Isa traveled about there."
Edgar Cayce
Well respected psychic
Indicated Jesus spent 3 years in India and one year in Persia.
1939 Elizabeth Caspari
Montessori School
Mrs. Clarence Gasque
Officer in the International Vegetarian Union
Were told by a monk in charge of the Himis library "These books say your Jesus was here!"
1951 William O. Douglas
U.S. Supreme Court Justice
While traveling to Hemis became aware of one legend in the area concerning Jesus traveling under the name of Issa and his stay in Tibet. The account is releated in his book Beyond the High Himalayas.

Sri Daya Mata
Self-Realization Fellowship

Interviews Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha in India who alleges to have studied ancient records in Puri Jagannath Temple archives which convey "Christ spent some of his life in India, in association with her illumined sages."
Edward F. Noack and wife
Told by a monk in the Himis monastery "There are manuscripts in our library that describe the journey of Jesus to the East."
1975 Robert Ravicz
Anthropology professor
While at Himis in 1975 was told about "Jesus Indian Lost Years" from an eminent Ladakhi physician.

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