Painting and Sketches/Color sketch--St Issa (Jesus) in
"Kicked Out"

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Color sketch--St Issa (Jesus) in"The Interrigation"

Color sketch--St Issa (Jesus) in
"Kicked Out"
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"23 After having listened to him, the magi determined to do him no harm. But at night, when all the town lay sleeping, they conducted him outside of the walls and abandoned him on the high road, in the hope that he would soon become a prey to the wild beasts. "
Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

The result of the questionings by the priests convinced them not to kill Issa, at least not outright. They decided to leave it up to "fate" to decide this question ultimately. Ejected from the city, St. Issa was left to wander unprotected from the many nocturnal wild beasts that apparently roamed near the city. Though it is not written, he probably was ejected from the gate nearest to refuse dump, where he was likely to encounter the most wild creatures. Some were no doubt scavenging, others hunting. Perhaps some would switch to hunting Issa, as a human alone at night would be easier meat than an elusive wary garbage rooting boar.

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