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Caravan Handoff
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" Caravan Handoff"
"Departed from Jerusalem, and with the merchants set out towards Sind."
Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

There have been several reworkings of this drawing to get things right. The earlier effort is here.

Caravans very rarely traveled the entire distance of an export product's final destination. Most commonly the caravan traveled a route, which was only a fraction of the overall trip. It would leave the good at the end of the route that would typically be a merchant center in or near a settlement. It would pick up a load for the return trip. At the merchant center another caravan would take the goods and continue to another merchant center. In this manner, a person with little or no money, but of reasonable good health, could find work among the caravans and conceivably feed the animals all the way across the Orient.

Depicted is one such hand-off where Issa (Jesus) is saying farewell to a camel caravan and is now traveling with an elephant train (notice the "elephant" needs some work especially around the tusks-- a drawing where the idea is more important than technical accuracy). The camels disappear back into the sparse desert, well suited for their kind, whereas the elephant is now traveling into the more lush tropical environment of India.

Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

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