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Conspiracy against St. Issa
Conspiracy against St. Issa
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" 10 But Issa listened not to their discourses and betook him to the Sudras, preaching against the Brahmans and the Kshatriyas.
11 He inveighed against the act of a man arrogating to himself the power to deprive his fellow beings of their rights of humanity; "for," said he, "God the Father makes no difference between his children; all to him are equally dear. 23 "Those who deprive their brethren of divine happiness shall be deprived of it themselves. The Brahmans and the Kshatriyas shall become the Sudras, and with the Sudras the Eternal shall dwell everlastingly.
24 "Because in the day of the last judgment the Sudras and the Vaisyas will be forgiven much because of their ignorance, while God, on the contrary, will punish with his wrath those who have arrogated to themselves his rights."

Text excerpt from The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

The white priests and warriors learned of the discourses of St Issa. At first they attempted to dissuade him from conversing with the lower classes. This did not work. Eventually they decided that the only way to shut him up was to assassinate him. The details of their conversations and murmurings reaching this point are currently lost to history. Nevertheless, the process makes for fascinating studies of "fill in graphics" as these villains plot while St Issa tours the countryside teaching preaching and healing to the lower castes.

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