Lost Years of Jesus
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Tradition "paints" Jesus as the carpenter form Nazareth.

However, there are NO Biblical era western records of him or his activi ties after 12 years and prior to 30 years old.


Did Jesus ever travel as far as Tibet?
Jesus (St Issa) in Tibet
Ancient documents discovered in the 1800's suggest Jesus spent at least part of his life, in Tibet.

Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian correspondent, discovered documents in a Tibetan monastery in 1888, which describe a St Issa" who came from Israel, did remarkable things in India, Persia and elsewhere, then returned back to his homeland where he was eventually executed by the Romans. NEXT...

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New Addition-Jesus in England series


This is the newest project being worked on. Legend has the boy Jesus accompanying his uncle Joseph of Arimathea to the Cornwall area in Britain.  Reputedly, Joseph had tin mining interests there and is said he took the boy Jesus with him on one of his trips. Here we see the lad Jesus admiring a finished tin ingot while Joseph (background) puts the crushed ore in the furnace. Pagan workers are involved in other activities including mining the ore, crushing the ore into "gravel." and manning the bellows, forcing air into the furnace to increase heat needed to melt the tin out of the gravel.

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